Sunday, September 10, 2017

Life Update

 Hey guys! So-WAIT! Hold up a sec! FIRST OFF I'm so so sorry for not posting! I've been EXTREMELY busy! This middle schooler needs to learn to time manage. I don't need to spend TWO FRICKEN HOURS in my bath tub if it's going to cut into my blogging time. So ANYWAY I'm planing to blog 3 times a week. On Sunday is going to be a life type blog post, then on Wednesday I'll do a bookish blog post, and then on Friday I'll do another life type post. Now onto the life type post.
  So school.. It's not actually that bad. I get homework though and I've already completed one major grade. ALSO TWO FRICKEN PROJECTS have ALREADY been assigned. Like what the heck? We've only been in school for what? Two... three weeks? Geez... Oh! Also! Middle school is killing my ding dang dong legs! Like I have to go up and down the stairs FOUR TIMES! Add that to pre-athletics... I'm... like... dead inside... But WHATEVER!
  Ok so I have a crush on a new guy... I mean, he's not really new, I've known him for a while but at first I dis-liked him. Like, a lot. Like, I couldn't STAND the dude. It's Fluffy Hair. So do you wanna know how I realized I liked him? Yeah you do. Ok so, I was wearing dangly earrings, but I took them out in my 7th period class, GT/Critical Thinking/Sage/Whatever you call it. Freaking Meeble STOLE them! I finally got them back but by the time I had the bell had rung. So I walked out to where my friend group meets and started trying to get the dang earrings in and I couldn't. I was just standing there struggling to get them in. And Fluffy Hair saw and said "Do you want some help?" and I said "Yeah sure!" and he came over and put the dang earrings in and my stomach started fluttering and yeah... The only people I told were Meeble T.O.P.  Emogi (I told her cause she tells me all her crush's) and my Mom.
  Theater is crazy. Here are some stories from theater class. So first off, Enogi and I sit at the same table and we make weird faces at each other (for whatever reason). So we were doing that and she made a really funny face and I snorted so fricken loud! My whole table busted out laughing. Next story, ok so Fluffy Hair moved to the table, and he sits next to me now. Every single time Emogi sees us talking she goes "Wink wink nudge nudge," and I mean, Fluffy Hair isn't stupid, he's gonna figure it out eventually. So I told her to stop. So instead she either winks twice or nudges me twice.
  So earlier today Mom and I went and got our nails done. Mine are so pretty! My fingernails are black with glitter and t he thumbs have chevron in white, and my toenails are purple with black glitter! So PRETTY! And then I slammed my right middle finger in the door so that hurts.
  Yesterday I had a really fun day! It was, like amazingness! So I went to my Aunt and Uncle's ranch T.O.P. and I shot guns! There was a really big one that reminded me of a sniper and a pistol. Then we rode the four wheeler (it's pretty much a golf cart with HUGE wheels that goes SUPER fast). Then we played with a hover board that my Aunt's dad bought for whatever reason. Then I rode with my Aunt's dad in the four wheeler and we freaking JUMPED A CLIFF! Like, no joke. Except it was more like a rock wall, so that was cool.
  So this post turned very long and rambley but oh well... Now I'm going to go and procrastinate doing something that my social studies teacher has been telling me to do for the last week.
Bye Sincerely
Dani Jones

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My First Day of Middle School Was Today!

 HAI guys! So today was my first day of middle school for me and just YEEET!! So I'll go through my day period by period starting with when I woke up!
  So when I woke up it was 6:00 in the morning, so I got on my outfit (pink teal black and white shirt with jean shorts a choker a gryffendor wrist band and a random rainbow zebra wrist band) and went into the restroom. In the restroom I.. you know... went to the bathroom. BUT I also brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. Then I walked into my kitchen and made m lunch. Then I ate a bowl of fruit loops because I was STARVING!
  So then we all got in the car and went back to my old school because we were picking up Weirdo who's mom works there. So he got in the car and my mom took pictures of us for some strange reason. So then we drove over to Speed Boy's school and Mom walked him in (it was his first day of kinder!). So Weirdo and I just kind of talked. Then Mom came back and drove us to our new school. She parked in the parking lot to take pictures of us, then she dropped us off. She would've walked us in but parents LITERALLY weren't allowed to!
  So once we got to the school EVERYBODY was sent to the cafeteria, 6th, 7th, 8th... EVERYBODY! And for some one with people-phobia that was not good. I started, like, internally panicking. Luckily we saw Farmer Girl and Bob. So we went and sat with them. But I started freaking out because Meeble, Dancer, and Emogi weren't there! A couple minutes later Meeble and Dancer got there but there was still no sign of Emogi! Then the 6th grade was shepherded off to the old gym to get our new schedules (I actually lost mine sometime... heh heh... I have a pic on my phone though). Emogi got there a little bit later too so that was good!
  First Period: ELA with Mrs. Catterin. So we were dismissed from the gym and my first class was upstairs. So I walked upstairs to try to find Mrs. Catterin's class. I ended up going alone because NO ONE ELSE (that I knew) had anything upstairs for first period. When I walked in I saw no one. Ugh! So I picked a spot and quietly made a name tag. Then I just sat there. Turns out there actually was someone I knew, but he was sitting on the other side of the room. Then we did a weird stations thing... but that was pretty much it.
  Second Period: Science with Mrs. Haas. So I walked in not expecting to have anybody there. But Goat Boy was there and pretty much jumped into the air when he saw me. So I lunged forward and took the seat next to him. In Mrs. Haas's class she pretty much just talked about how we need to think that we can do it and even if we're not smart now we can become smart and bla bla bla etc. I pretty much zoned out...
Third Period: Pre-Athletics with Coach Lancaster/Molina. So for this class I had Dancer and a couple others that aren't really important. So anyway we didn't actually do much... They pretty much talked about expectations while we sat on the bleachers and then the people that had a lock thingy could go get a locker and I didn't (I got one after school). So I just sat there and talked with everybody. A lot of people got out their phones even though we weren't necessarily supposed to but eh.
  Lunch!! So next was lunch which was great because EVERYBODY sat together and I was in the middle. I didn't have to sit by anybody I didn't know and we were all laughing and having a good time. PLUS bonus we got on our phones so that was fun.
  Fourth Period: Theater with Mrs. Nichols. Ok so I had Emogi and a couple other people I knew in this class. This class was REALLY fun! I liked the teacher and we got to do fun games like human pretzel! I had and will have a really fun time in this class!
  Fifth Period: Math with Mr. Pullin, Ok so this was actually my favorite class! I loved Mr. Pullin! He was so nice and funny! He also had a really pleasing accent. I had Farmer Girl and Dancer in this class. Though I sat with Farmer Girl and Dancer was on the other side of the classroom.
  Sixth Period: Social Studies with Mr. Levermann. Ok so when I first walked in I took a table that had only ONE other seat, thinking that this way I would only have to socialize with one person. Then Goat Boy walked in and I was like PERFECT! Unfortunately Mr. Levermann said we had to alphabetize ourselves meaning that-well whadda ya know?-I DID have to socialize. Ugh! But it was fine I guess. But oh my gosh Mr. Levermann had the most dull voice EVER! It sucks.
  Seventh Period: Critical Thinking with Mrs. Smith. Ok so this is basically gifted and talented. I have it with Meeble, Weirdo and Farmer Boy. Mrs. Smith basically explained everything in her room to us. I'm actually quite excited!
  So after school we (Meeble, Weirdo, Fluffy Hair, and another kid) walked to a different school because... well... it's a long story. Anyway! We did and that's where I got picked up. So yeah.
  That was all that happened and I actually had a lot of fun!
Bye Sincerely

Monday, August 28, 2017

Middle School, Epilepsy, Hurricanes, and Lime Flavored Sparkling Water (Life Updates)

[Title inspired by Izzy/Mason at Bluffyface!]
  Hai guys, weird title huh? You're probably wondering how ALL that can be in ONE post. Well it can because I'm amazing! Anyway I'll go through them one by one!
  Middle School. Ok so. Someone help. I start middle school tomorrow. Am I ready? NOPE! Am I going anyway? YUP! I'm, like EXTREMELY scared! I already know what I'm going to wear, and I'll post a post about all of my classes and whatever. But you know, I go through stages of I'm scared as freak and I think I'll be ok. And I mean LOGICALLY I know I'll be ok, and everybody goes through middle school, but then emotionally I'm like, I'm not READY to be in middle school. I'm still a freaking third grader at heart. But, you know, I guess this 11 year old that's really a third grader is going to  have to go to 6th grade.
  Epilepsy. So a really close friend of  mine has epilepsy. Even with the anonymous-ness of the nicknames I still don't know if I'm allowed to say who. You want to know how we figured it out? Well we went out to play in the rain, and we were swinging. And it looked like she was trying to stand up and get out of the swing and she fell and started shaking. I thought she was playing for a minute and then she didn't stop. I yelled for my mom and she told me to run home and get her phone (we were at the community park). So I ran home and got her phone all the while crying (cause I mean, I didn't know if she would be ok). So I got back to the park and gave my mom her phone, by that time my close friend was awake. I sat on the bench with Speed Boy, and once I looked back and my close friend looked at me like, who is this girl and why is she looking at me. I pretty much broke and started bawling. Then my mom told me to take Speed Boy home so I did. When we got home I didn't even change. I just sat by the door with a towl. Pretty soon I heard sirens and knew that they had come for my close friend. Then my mom texted me to change so I did and then I bundled in a blanket. I couldn't help but think that it was my fault, because I was the one who wanted to go play in the rain. Luckily now she's completely fine and she's on medicine and her mom doesn't blame us for anything. 
  Hurricanes. Well, I live in a place where a hurricane just hit. Luckily it wasn't that bad where I live but I know where other people live it got BAD! So I'm just glad that it wasn't that bad here. 
  Lime flavored sparkling water. Yum is all I have to say in this category. It tastes like sprite but it's WAY healthier so its like AMAZAAAAANNNNGGGGGG!!!!
  That's all I have to say for this post! Thank you for reading if you got this far!
   Bye Sincerely