Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Supposed To Be Doing A Challenge But I'm Not Oops

 Hi guys, so I was looking at my blog and I'm supposed to be doing this challenge so here's day two.

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Um 20 facts about you.... Alright... 
  1. My name is Danielle Christine Jones
  2. My nicknames are Dani, Marven, Carl, Dan Bo Chan, Dan Dan, Samantha and Savanna
  3. My birthday is November 14th 2005
  4. I'm 11
  5. I'm going into 6th grade
  6. I used to have braces
  7. I'm a lefty
  8. I don't play any sports
  9. My favorite color is purple
  10. I've been the New Orleans
  11. I love reading
  12. I'm a fangirl
  13. I'm love to write
  14. I'm writing a book
  15. I like to write on both a computer and by hand
  16. The only boy I like more than the girl in my fandoms is Peeta
  17. I weigh 98 pounds
  18. My favorite bands are Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Twenty One Pilots.
  19. My favorite actor is Emma Watson
  20. I have a crush on a guy from my Bluebonnet team
And that was 20 facts! 

Bye Sincerely

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I... um... Kinda Maybe Wrote A Song?

  HI guys. Sooooooo I kinda wrote a song... not sure how good it is... here it is...

I don't understand
Why did you do this to me?

I thought we were friends
We got along so nicely

Then you showed me what was under your smile
Now I know

You were just another jerk 
Wanting to be popular


Go away 
I don't wanna see your face no more

Go away just go away
The damage has been done

And if you wanna fool me again
The answer is nooooo

Nooo just noooo just noooo just noooo
Just no

Please go away
You've put me in pain
Why you gotta make me feel this way?

I remember all the times we had fun
We talked, we could tell anything

Then you went away now everything changed
You just want to be popular


Go away
I don't wanna see your face no more

Go away just go away
The damage has been done

And if you wanna fool me again
The answer is nooooo

Noooo just noooo just noooo just nooo 
Just no

Just go away

So that was my song... I'll let you guess what it's about. If you want to sing it then email me a video of you singing it. My email is I would sing it but my voice is awful so... Also if you want me to write more songs then tell me!!

Bye Sincerely

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Why I'm Not Friends With Hairdo Anymore

 Ok, so in the last post I said that I lost one of my closest friends so this is going to be an explanation. By the way I am in no way trying to get sympathy (although I'm  dying from it). I'm just saying what happened.
  So first of all Hairdo moved away before the 5th grade year, so I've been missing him this year. He told me that his birthday party was going to be down where I am and that I was invited. So jump to 2 days ago I asked him "When is your birthday? Am I still invited?" over musically and he answers "It's on October 5ht and its here in ------ so you probably won't be able to make it." (I'm not revealing where). I was outraged I asked him if I was even still his friend anymore and has he replaced me. I mean he had been ignoring my calls. Oh, I'm crying now... I'm good. Anyway so he said that he was still my friend but he was more "popular" at his new school and that he liked it there and I didn't get to control his friends (because when he first moved I told him not to replace me and he has and the person he replaced me with is a bad influence). I throw my phone down and start crying and T.O.P. picks up the phone. (By the way I was at her's and Meeble's house.) She starts yexting (yell texting) and Hairdo's bad influence friend gets on his phone saying how he didn't do anything wrong. My T.O.P. is saying if Hairdo has something to say he can say it himself. The BIF (bad influence friend) asks why is T.O.P. talking for me? And she says because Dani is crying her eyes out because one of her best friends told her to move on. And then they got into an argument that I didn't even read and then the BIF called me a b word... I eventually just said You know what I'm done with this conversation and I deleted his number... so that's how I lost one of my closest friends... 

Bye Sincerely