Sunday, January 21, 2018

AYEE The Sick Girl Lives

 Hey guys! So you all are probably VERY confused with my title (though I'm sure you've been confused with my titles before), allow me to explain. You see, I got sick on Thursday of last week and I've just been dead. Only today did I start feeling better. Actually yesterday morning I had a fever of 103 and a headache so bad that it hurt to move at all. So hence the title the sick girl (me) lives (is not sick anymore), even though I'm still technically sick. The AYEE part was really just for fun. Ok anyway.
 So in my last post I talked a little bit about the day that my mom had planned for us, we did do that with the exclusion of getting our nails done (because even without that the total of the day came out to be more than $160 so...). What I want to talk about is the new Star Wars movie. I have 2 things to say about it. The 1st is easy, I completely and totally ship Reylo, just... don't fight me on this because you'll lose. The 2nd thing is actually a spoiler so... I'm sorry. But it turns out Rey's family was nobody from nowhere. Half the people were really sad about that, but me? I really really liked it! Because it showed that you can be important even if you don't come from anything special. You are what you make yourself, not what anybody makes you. But whatever. The other thing is... I GOT ANOTHER PIERCING!

I know the picture sucks, but I'm sick, cut me some slack.

 Now on to the bulk part of this post, I saw this tag that Nabila did, and even though she didn't tag me I'm going to do it anyway because I'm a REBEL! Not really I'm a smol bean don't hurt me. So the tag is called The Literary Dinner Party Tag, where basically you have different categories and you have to pick a fictional character to come to your dinner party under that category. I don't explain this very well... but you'll see!
The categories are:
1. One character who can cook/likes to cook
2. One character who has money to fund the party 
3. One character who might cause a scene
4. One character who is funny/amusing 
5. One character who is super social/popular
6. One villain 
7. One couple - doesn't have to be romantic 
8. One hero/heroine 
9. One underappreciated character 
10. One character of your own choosing
So I guess now I get on with it.

1. A character who likes/can cook:
Ooh! The first person and the person who I'm going with for this category is Peeta Mellark! Even though he;s just a baker from what I've read his sweet treats are to die for so I'm ok with that.

2. A character who has money to fund the party:
*sets computer down, goes to look at my two bookshelves* Um... oh no. I see only one possible character choice. I'll have to go with Draco Malfoy. I'm not sure how I fell about that.

3. A character who might cause a scene:
Captain Carswell Thorne, just because that sounds like something he'd do. ;)

4. A character that is super funny/amusing:
Leo Valdez! He's like the class clown of the Argo Two!

5. One character who is super social/popular:
Um... Harry Potter...? Sure he's not SUPER social... but he is popular. So yeah... Harry Potter.

6. One villain:
For whatever reason I feel like I'm supposed to pick a teenage villain because literally everyone on this list is a teenager but I'm not going to. I'm picking Queen Levana just because she's one of my favorite villains. 

7. A couple:
Percabeth or Percy and Annabeth. They are lovely and one of my otp's so obviously they must be included.

8. A hero/heroine:
Cinder, I don't have enough Lunar Chronicles on here so here's Cinder.

9. An underappreciated character:
Haymitch Abernathy, I don't think that Haymitch is given enough credit for everything he does. He had to kill people to win and then he had to mentor kids that he watched DIE year after year.

10. A character of your choice:
Hermione Granger! You knew she was gonna be in here eventually didn't you?

So my dinner party invites go to:
Peeta, Draco, Thorne, Leo, Harry, Levana, Percy, Annabeth, Cinder, Haymitch, and Hermione. Well this dinner's going to be a disaster. What was I thinking?
 Well I guess that's it for this one!

Bye Sincerely
Danielle Jones

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rambling Like A Boss

 Hi guys! So I know that NO ONE says like a boss anymore, but I'mma bring it back! #TrendsetterDani (I think there's something wrong with me). ANYWAY! So today I'm going to just ramble about my life. I honestly have 0% clue of how long this post will be... so let's gooooo!
 First thing on my rambling list (that I don't have). Do you ever have friends that love you so much that when you say you can't hang out/spend the night they get mad at you? No? Just me? I'll provide some context. So one of my cousins- cough cough Meeble cough cough- get mad at me when I can't spend the night. It aggravates me because I can't always spend the night with her! I have things I need to do and other friends that I want to spend time with too. I'm sorry!
 OOH speaking of other friends Derpy Dog has a YouTube channel, it's The Little Epileptic Weenie Dog and I recently starred in her video(s)- I'm not sure how many she decided to put up. I'm Kitty D on there sooooo go watch!
 So the play that I got into, you remember that? Game of Tiaras? Yeah well rehearsals start February 6th and we're supposed to memorize our lines before then? Have I? No. I procrastinate to much. Good job me.
 Oh guess what! I'm moving again! The house is actually on this street that I live on because my Mom and Dad want to buy like 5 houses and rent them out so when they retire they have income. I dunno. But whats cool is that I get to completely redo my room again! So yeah...
 Oh I have an interesting story... so apparently now my crush knows I like him... Yeah. What's cool though is that he's not being super awkward about it. Like we're still friends and nothing's changed. I kinda hope that now he knows that I like him he's going to like notice me. I don't know, I guess I read to much.
 Also! Goat Boy apparently reads this so HI GOAT BOY! *waves*
 Soooooo apparently my Mom has this day planned for us tomorrow, and if things go to plan then me, her, and my brother are going to see the newest star wars (#YAAASSSS) and then someone will watch my little brother and my Mom and I are going to go get our nails done and then we're going to get our ears pierced again. Like, directly above our current piercing, on our lobes still. I'll do a post about it tomorrow if it ends up actually happening.
 Wow, this post kinda just looks like my brain threw up... it's a mess. I'm so sorry that I made you read this!

Bai Sincerely
Dani Jones (I'm to lazy to get the signature) 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!! + Family Drama

 Hey guys! So who's ready for 2018? Not me! You wanna know why? I'm going to mess up SO MANY TIMES and put 2017 on my papers instead of 2018. Like ugh! But other then that I'm actually fairly happy going out of 2017.
 Soooo I think I might actually have good luck this year! Why do I say that? Well my family has this tradition where everyone has to eat at least one if this specific kind of bean. I dunno why, but it's supposed to bring you good luck.
 With that lovely intro, here comes the real body to this blog post, family drama. You have it, everyone has family drama, but I swear, y'all don't have family drama like my family does. Our family is like a volcano, we'll go one or two holidays without any drama and then we'll explode and there'll be drama... USUALLY. But for a year, including ALL the holiday's drama has been at an all time low, until today. Today all heck broke loose, and I was in the middle of it all. I'm sure you're wondering what the heck happened, well I'll tell you.
So I've some small problems with Badger in the past, but this was awful today. So I was sitting in T.O.P.'s room talking with her and her friend that was over, Meeble was in the bathroom and could hear everything, you know, the usual. My new phone (that I got for Christmas and, sadly, I already cracked) in my hand and my (new also Christmas bought and expensive) Gryffindor sweater. So Badger walks in and starts talking- COMPLETELY interrupting me- and then stops. She looks at me and says I don't think you should be in here. I thought she was joking and kind of scoffed. But she looked at me dead serious and said Get out. Now, come on, you know me, was I walking out with out a fight? Usually yes, I would, but I was not going to let this cousin boss me out of a room that WASN'T EVEN HERS! So I said, You'll have to drag me out to get me out. So she picks me up around the middle and starts dragging me out. All was fine and good until she grabs the sleeve of my sweater and starts pulling it. She freaking stretched it out, not very much because I started yelling at her to stop. I had dropped my phone (brand new, mind you) and so she picks it up, throws it across the hall into Meeble's room (because the doors are facing each other) and tells me to simply Fetch. Like she's some FREAKING HIGHER CLASS CITIZEN AND I'M JUST A DOG THAT SHE CAN ORDER AROUND. I asked her if I got it was she just going to slam the door and she did a little shrug that just TOLD me yes. So I didn't, by this time T.O.P. had taken notice and was like, here, I'll go get your phone Dani. But by that time I was so fed up that I just left. I went into Meeble's room with Meeble and we just talked for a while. Then Badger came into Meeble's room to get her phone and I wasn't going to say anything but Meeble was like You know Badger you kinda hurt Dani's feelings. APPARENTLY she said sorry but not loud enough for me to hear and I thought she just was like whatever, and so I started listing off why that hurt my feelings. Badger just kinda stomped off and slammed the door. I didn't really care and wasn't going to say anything, but when Meeble got called to her mom I guess she saw a chance to tell and she did. My aunt made me go tell my mom so I did. And literally EVERYBODY was paying attention because my mom had been the center of attention (she had been playing with my 6 month baby cousin) and so I said what had happened and they called Badger up and she STRAIGHT UP LIED TO ALL THEIR FACES. I mean, it was pretty much the same except in her version she had thrown my phone and said Maybe you should get that.
You know... I wish her mom was there, but of course her mom wasn't and Badger was going home with Grammy and Pop. Anyway, my Mom was like Well how would you feel if that happened to you, you know, the standard kid-in-trouble talk. Except it was slightly funny because Badger is 12 and as tall as my Mom, but Badger still looked scared. Anyway, then Badger was released and everything went back to normal.
Or so we thought. When Grammy and Pop were about to leave Badger went around giving everyone hugs, except me and Meeble. We didn't think much of it because... well a) Meeble doesn't like physical affection and b) we just got her in trouble. Then they left and I learned this later Grammy apparently had a conversation with Badger and said that she wasn't going to tell Badger's mom, but if Badger decided too she'd better tell the truth. So Badger goes back home and lies. Her newest version said that Badger, T.O.P. and her friend were talking and I came in and said I didn't understand, Badger then said Perhaps I was to young to understand (Gurl I am the same age as you shut up you're only 7 months older!). She never pulled me sweater, she never threw my phone. And then my Mom verbally attacked Badger.  Yeah well that was ALL  a lie. Literally ALL of it.  So then my Mom gets a text from Badger's mom that said a few bad words, and that said that sure my mom could hate my aunt but not to take out on her daughter blah blah blah. Now my Mom and Badger's Mom had had some disagreements in the past, and my Mom wasn't as close to them, but she still loved them and she sure as heck didn't HATE them. Then Grammy decided to be a savage and say to Badger's mom I'm calling you and if you don't pick up I'm driving over there. The next few hours were a blur of text messages that went something like this.

  • Badger's Mom to my Mom: Cuss cuss. You can hate me but don't take it out on my kid. Cuss cuss. Dani's not innocent! She's not a perfect angel!
  • Grammy to Badger's Mom: I'm calling you right now and you better answer or else I'm coming over there.
  • Badger to my Mom: You're side of the family never does anything for us (side note from Dani-We literally do EVERYTHING for them) and I'm not sorry that you and your daughter get butt-hurt over the dumbest things. You also never invite me to anything.
  • Grammy is on the phone with Badger's mom
  • Meeble's Mom to Badger: What happened? I'm a bit confused. Tell my your side of the story.
  • Badger to Meeble's Mom: I love you but this doesn't concern you. (side note from Dani- Can I just say, rude! Also when you see anything in parenthesis it's my side note)
  • Meeble's mom to Badger: It happened at my house, it does concern me.  
  • Badger to Meeble's mom: Everything is always fine until Dani comes along. She just ruins everything. Well, everything you INVITE me to.
  • Meeble's Mom to Badger: What does she do? Give me examples.
  • Badger to Meeble's Mom: It's not what she does it's how she acts! If they're talking about the family I'll make a comment and she'll look at me like I don't deserve to make a comment. (That has NEVER happened. And if it ever did it obviously didn't affect anyone but her because I DIDN'T and WOULDN'T look at her like that. Also, ouch. ☹)
  • My Mom to Badger: I love you and will pray for you but if you're wondering why I don't invite you to things in the future this is why. I'm done with this conversation.
  • Grammy gets off the phone with Badgers mom.
  • Grammy to my Mom: I want to take Badger and Dani out to IHOP (I love IHOP) to talk this out.
  • My Mom to Grammy: I'll let her if the parents can come too. I have no urge to fix this relationship until I get an apology, Dani gets an apology and Badger tells the truth.
  • Grammy to my Mom: No parents are coming, I just want to fix things between them because I think that the four girls, Badger T.O.P. Meeble and Dani would be a good support group for each other going into high school. (Grammy chill I'm only in 6th grade.)
  • Mom to Grammy: No. I don't think that keeping Badger in Dani's life will be a positive effect on Dani. Sure it will on Badger but not Dani, and that's who I need to think of first.
So yeah. What a great way to start off the new year! Causing a rift in my family! I'm such a great kid! I honestly feel really bad about it, but at least I won't be verbally hurt by her again. Wish my luck on the rest of 2018, I really hope that the bean worked.

Bye Sincerely