Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why I Haven't Been Posting Recently/ This Blog Was Formerly The Dani Jones Blog

 Hai guys! So you might've noticed that I haven't been posting recently, and there's a reason for that. So what happened was one day I took my laptop outside to play on it. Then Mom called me back inside for dinner and I thought I'd be right back out after. But then after dinner I had to do the dishes and Speed Boy and I got in a dance battle- it was extremely funny because Speed Boy is five and can break-dance like a freaken baller and then I just... can't- but so ANYWAY Speed Boy needed to go outside to do something but he said he couldn't because it had just rained. So I started FREAKING OUT and Speed Boy didn't quite know why, but it was because my laptop was still outside on the porch swing. So I ran outside to get it and luckily due to the angle of the covering only a corner of my laptop was wet and the laptop was closed. I rushed it into Mom and she was SUPER annoyed. My Mom TRIED to open it up but the screws were stripped so she couldn't. We ended up just opening it up and letting it dry for a couple days. Then I turned it on and it was all good! So tomorrow I have a plan for a blog post, and then it's back to the normal schedule! So yeah!
 ALSO not sure if anyone noticed but I changed the blog title to The Book Blog That's Not Actually A Book Blog so yeah!
Bye Sincerely

Monday, July 24, 2017

Blog Challenge Day 14 Plus Some Other Stuff

  Hey guys!! Today I'm back with day 14!!
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Question 14: If you won the lottery:
If I won the lottery I would buy a huge freaken MANSION!! It would have bookshelves lining every wall and it would have A LOT of bedrooms with toilets and mini fridges. PLUS a private maid, chef and butler. I WOULD ALSO BUY A HELICOPTER AND MY OWN ISLAND WHERE I WOULD TAKE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND WE COULD FLY TO SCHOOL!!!!!!! So yeah!
  Now for the 'other stuff'. I'm kinda changing up the blog a little. I'm changing the name, I have Nabila making me a new heading and blog button and I have Izzy/Mason making me a signature and some of you may have noticed that I've already changed my about me page. So... yeah! I'll tell you my new blog name when I have all my new blog things! 

Bye Sincerely

Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 13 of Blogging Challenge!

 Hai guys! Imma be doing the blogging challenge but before that I want to tell you something first. Drum roll PLEASE! WE GOT A NEW CATTTTTT!!! He's orange and his name is Simba! He makes 4 cats!
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Day 13: What's your earliest memory?
So my earliest memory was when I was in Grammy's bathroom and I saw a cockroach and I was super afraid so I screamed super loud and yeah...

Bye Sincerely