Monday, July 30, 2018

A Colorado Photo Diary-The Drive there and Garden of the Gods

 Hey guys! So in case you guys don't know I went to Colorado for a couple days with Allusic and Bellatrix (my two cousins) and it was fabulous! Here are some of the pictures of my trip.

This was me in the car before we started the 13 hour long drive

Me and Allusic when we picked her up

Me and Bellatrix when we picked her up. Fun story, so she's my half-cousin actually and I pretty much had to kidnap her and that's when I had my first panic attack of the day.

Allusic in Walmart. I don't know what she was pointing at though...

Bellatrix dabbing in Walmart.

The road and stuff...


More mountains! 

Blurry trees that somehow still turned out good???

A mountain.

Bellatrix being Bellatrix

A... I don't even know what that is but it's pretty!

Beautiful landscape

So we got into Colorado and I swear we somehow traveled into a Texas winter because it was like 65 degrees and fabulous! 

Look at this amazing landscape that I took off the side of the highway

Some flowers that were on the side of the highway

Allusic being majestic as frick. 

Beauty. Just beauty.

More beauty.

The sky. It's really honestly beautiful.

This is a mountain that we actually climbed up later in the trip

This was at Garden of the Gods and it was pretty freaking pretty.

I love it. 

Like, look at this! Where do you get to see things like this?

This was a mural painted on the door of the bathroom and I just.... It's beautiful is it not?

And that's it! I have more just not at the moment so this is all for right now. Tell me if you like it or if you want more posts like this.

Bye Sincerely
Dani Jones

Thursday, July 26, 2018

I Wrote a Random Short Story+Going to Colorado Tomorrow!

 Hey guys! So last Saturday night I was bored and supposed to be asleep but I wasn't. So I wrote a short story, or the beginning of one at least. And despite the fact that I wrote it at 11 pm it's pretty darn decent. So I decided to share it with you guys! Here's Part 1.

 I looked at the guy in front of me. He was taller than me, muscular, and currently strapped to a chair with a bag over his head. 
 "Can I kill him now and get it over with?" I asked my boss, Mr. P. 
 "No." He said.
 "Then why am I even here? I don't do interrogations. I'm an assassin." I reminded him. 
 "I know Skylar. But I have a different job for you right now." he responded.
 "And this guy is part of this 'new job?'" I asked.
 "That, he is." he replied.
 I rolled my eyes and leaned against the wall. I fiddled with a strand of my dark purple hair.
 A groan came from the bag. Then a voice.
 "Hello? Is anyone there?" it asked. "Why am I stuck to a chair?" 
 Mr. P walked forward and ripped the bag off the guys head.
 He had blond hair that went across his forehead, light skin, and striking blue eyes. A stark contrast to my purple hair, caramel skin, and brown eyes.
 He looked about my age, sixteen. Seventeen at the most. 
 He blinked rapidly, probably stunned by the light after being in that bag.
 Mr. P leaned close to the boy's face. 
 "Hello Joshua." he smiled.
 "Who are you? How do you know my name?" the boy-Joshua-asked.
 "Hold your horses there, Joshy-boy. I''ll be the one talking here. Don't ask questions." Mr. P said.
 He then snapped and tilted his head at me. A clear indication that he wanted me to go over to him. So I did. When Mr. P told you to do something, you do it. 
 "In fact," he continued to Joshua. "For every question you ask, my friend Skylar here will cut one of your fingers off. Do I make myself clear?" he asked while I took one of my knives out of my pocket and smiled.
 Joshua nodded quickly. The guy had good instincts.
 "Good." Mr. P said. "Now, as you may or may not know, a certain governor's kid goes to your school. His name is Benjamin R. Grayson. One of my clients wants him dead. Skylar here is going to infiltrate your school and dispose of him. And you, are going to help her." 
 I watched Joshua's eyes widen in fear as I gritted my teeth. I hated working with other people. Especially non-Company members. But I knew better than to question Mr.P.
 Joshua opened his mouth, and then closed it again. He was probably thinking of a way to word a question so that all of his fingers would stay attached to his hand. 
 "The fact that you want me to help murder a guy is not cool, but I'm guessing the alternative would be even worse. I a gonna need more information though, considering the fact that we are going to be killing someone." he said, his eyes flicking back and forth between Mr. P and me.
 I was immediately suspicious. No normal guy would be this cool with assassinating one of his classmates. I was born and bred to do this. Had taken classes since I was three. But this kid? He looked normal. 
 Mr. P didn't seem to think anything of it.
 He simply said, "You'll get your information soon enough." 
 He then looked at me and nodded. 
 I smiled. This was the fun part. 
 I grabbed my gun from my waistband and slammed the butt of it into Joshua's temple. It worked like a charm. He was out cold.
 I whistled. Clean-up crew would be here soon enough.

And that was my story. Tell me if you'd like to see more because I kinda already have written more so... Yeah. 
 ALSO! If you read the title! You'll know I'm going to Colorado tomorrow! We're driving the 13 hours to get there all day tomorrow, and then we'll be there Saturday and Sunday. I should be able to post on Monday like normal, and that post will probably be about my time in Colorado! That's all for now!

Bye Sincerely
Dani Jones

Monday, July 23, 2018


 Hey guys! So this post titled theater can be about one of two things. One-Why I love theater. Two=A recent play that I was in. And lucky for you guys, it's BOTH! So um, yeah. Btw there is going to be some... sad content in the second part of this post. So if you only read the first night that's fine.
 SO first things first! I was in a play on Saturday of last week. It was a play that I had wrote with the help of three adults and a couple of kids (It was at my theater camp btw). It was fabulous other than the fact that I fell on stage. But it was fine, it looked scripted. My character's name was Katherine Blanc and since it was like a "talent show" theme I was basically american, girl, Simon Cowell. Which. in case you didn't know, Derpy Dog LOVES Simon Cowell so she very much enjoyed seeing me act like him. All in all, despite the fact that I almost had a panic attack backstage, it was REALLY fun.
 SECOND POINT! So, you guys probably know that I, like, LOVE theater. I was in my school's play last year and then got into an advanced theater class. What you might not know is WHY I love acting, because I don't think I've ever talked about it here. A lot of the reason I haven't talked about on here is because I don't really like to talk about my anxiety or EXTREMELY low self-esteem to much because I don't want anyone to think that I'm fishing for compliment or anything. In fact, most compliments make me uncomfortable. BUT ANYWAY, one of the main reasons I love theater is because I get to BE someone else. That's whats so great about it, when I go onstage I'm not ME anymore, I'm someone else, with their own backstory, own personality. I'm just not ME which I love because I so BADLY want to be someone else and acting is the closest I can get. Also, when I'm someone else, whatever I do, it's scripted. I know what comes next. And I know that even if my character does something bad, it's still going to further the plot. And I KNOW that because I can SEE the script. I know what happens.
 So that's it! I'm not sure if any of you can relate, but if you can than please tell me. I could use someone that I can talk to about this kind of stuff. And of course, if you want more posts like this one-I'm not sure why you would given the fact that it talks about my problems-than tell me and I will make more!

Bye Sincerely
Dani Jones